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Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi


Embrace the cloud with our tools for Amazon Web Services

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Everything you need to migrate to the cloud

Robust tools designed for powerful applications

Access popular services

Easy to use data structures for common AWS operations.

Extensive documentation

Detailed documentation and useful demos make it easy to get started.

High quality code

High unit test coverage ensures correctness and reliability.

Uses modern Delphi

Uses new language features for safe asynchronous programming.

Easy configuration

Honours AWS credentials just like the official Amazon SDKs.

Smart defaults

Spend less time configuring and more time building.


Manage user content

Use Amazon S3 to store files in a public or private file systems with fine-grained access control.

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Process work in parallel with job queues

Use Amazon SQS to easily break up large jobs into smaller chunks that can be processed concurrently.

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Send notifications with fully-managed messaging

Use Amazon SNS to send messages in your application, for example, push notifications.

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User Management
User Management

Manage user accounts

Use Amazon Cognito to deal with user registration, authorisation and password resets, with support for OAuth and Single Sign-On.

This module is coming soon.

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